The Australian-Thai Chamber of Commerce (AustCham)


  • AustCham membership is for 12 months from the date of joining. Membership renewals will be issued each year on the anniversary of your membership. Annual membership may commence from any date.
  • All fees are payable in Thai Baht and subject to VAT (7%).
  • A once-off registration fee is payable for all new membership applications.
  • A discount of 50% of the registration fee is offered for those paying for membership on-line via credit card (PayPal).

Membership Types

Ordinary Member (Corporate or Individual)

  • An Ordinary member shall be a natural person, juristic (corporate) entities registered in Thailand, or branches of juristic entities registered abroad, which the Committee considers will contribute to the achievement of its objectives, or who have substantial links with Australia.
  • Ordinary members may vote at Chamber meetings or hold office in the Chamber.

Affiliate Member (Corporate or Individual)

  • An Affiliate member shall be a natural person or juristic (corporate) entities acceptable to the Chamber, but who lack the qualifications for Ordinary Membership; or
  • Intending investors in Thailand, or traders with Thailand, who seek to keep informed of Chamber activities and business developments in Thailand.
  • Affiliate members have all the privileges of Ordinary Members except the right to vote at General Meetings.

Membership Fees

Corporate Ordinary
Baht 18,000 (plus once-off registration fee Baht 4,000)

Open to companies that are registered and located in Thailand  JOIN US

Individual Ordinary
Baht 13,000 (plus once-off registration fee Baht 4,000)

Open to individuals who are representing themselves and who are not representing any company in Thailand  JOIN US

Corporate Affiliate
Baht 13,000 (plus once-off registration fee Baht 3,500)

Open to companies who do not qualify for corporate ordinary membership e.g. operating abroad  JOIN US

Individual Affiliate
Baht 8,000 (plus once-off registration fee Baht 3,500)

Open to individuals who do not qualify for individual ordinary membership e.g. living aboard  JOIN US

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If you have any questions about membership please email us or call the office on +66 2 210 0216

Australian-Thai Chamber of Commerce

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