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Billi Pty Ltd
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42 Lucknow Crescent
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  • Food & Beverage
  • Manufacturing - general
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Billi is a leading Australian manufacturer and supplier of high
quality drinking water and washroom systems. The Billi brand
is synonymous with Australian innovation and we provide
products of uncompromising quality backed by a world class
customer service experience.
Our award winning boiling and chilled drinking water systems
are preferred by designers and architects for their timeless
styling and space saving design. Offering energy and water
efficiency benefits, Billi systems are an essential appliance in
commercial and residential kitchens and washrooms today.
Billi was born of a recognized need.
As homes and workplaces chose pure filtered water, a safe,
attractive alternative to standard appliances was essential. A
truly innovative concept, the ground breaking Billi products
were launched to the market in the early 1990s. First to offer
the choice of filtered boiling and chilled drinking water from a
single tap, the benefits of a neatly concealed underbench
drinking water system were instantly recognized and
Having set the standard, Billi continues to innovate. Our
design imperatives keep pace with modern building
techniques, contemporary interior concepts and changing
consumer trends. Our latest range of products includes an
unprecedented new range of boiling and chilled dispensers,
as well as an expanding washroom range.
Products or Services Offered
Billi is a leading Australian manufacturer and supplier of high quality drinking water systems - Products include Ambient, Boiling, Chilled and Sparkling Dispensers.

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