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Global Food Products Co.,Ltd.
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1310/4 Rama3 Road Chongnonsi Yannawa
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Chongnonsi Yannawa
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Food and/or beverage
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  • Distributors & Wholesalers
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Global Food Products was established in October 2004. With our focus being on the retail and HORECA markets we are specialised in the distribution of dry, chilled and frozen food products. Our focus is to develop great international brands into great everyday brands for the Thai consumer and develop long term customer understanding and loyalty. Global Food Products Main Headquarters is located in ChongNonsi, Bangkok only 5 kilometers from the city which allows us to bring daily direct deliveries to our customers. All of our sales offices in Phuket, Chiang Mai and Koh Samui are equipped with their own facilities and transportation. Our vision is to observe Global Food and Beverage trends and bring them to Thailand
Products or Services Offered
Food and Beverage

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