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Squires Loft Phuket
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+66 6 3060 0788
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94/1 Thaweewong Road
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Patong, Kathu
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  • Food & Beverage
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Squires Loft, The Steak specialist has been combining the finest range of Australian meat and wine products since 1993, with our own unique flavours and quality service, to provide a memorable dining experience.
Our first store opened its doors in the bayside suburb of Brighton and later relocated to the trendy Melbourne suburb South Yarra. Our original South Yarra store continues to operate successfully to this day and has become an iconic steakhouse in Melbourne dining culture.
Some 25 years on, the success and demand for the iconic Squires Loft’s unique flavor and quality has led to 13 restaurants throughout Australia, as well as now 2 Restaurants in Thailand…Our big brother in Koh Samui, opening 3 years ago in Fisherman’s Village.
With their success it was decided to launch the Squires Loft brand in Phuket. With stunning Patong Bay views our restaurant site has become an instant hit with Phuket residents and tourists alike. With the choice of balcony views of the bay or air conditioned dining room inside.
The Squires Loft philosophy is to serve a perfectly cooked steak every time. To achieve this, we source top quality, high grade Australian beef, which is then slowly basted during the cooking process and cooked to your liking on our custom made char-grills.
Our famous and unique taste and flavour in our baste, sauces and dressings have delighted the palates of thousands of Squires Loft customers around Australia. We carefully source our quality beef from selected Australian farms that are known and regarded for producing premium grass fed beef that always delivers in quality, taste and tenderness.
The secret to our growing success not only relies on our quality, exceptional service and consistent cooking standards but also on our steak basting. This is the defining point in our unique flavor and delivers the massive Squires Loft taste, which brings customers back through the doors time and time again.
Not just great steaks… Famous for our pork ribs, Squires Loft ribs are individually portioned for consistency, marinated in our unique baste and then slow cooked for 5 hours. Our skilled grill chef’s char grill the ribs whilst continuing to baste them throughout the cooking process, resulting in mouth watering tender ribs with our unique Squires flavor like no other.
And don’t forget about our amazing fresh seafood. Most of our seafood including our prawns and barramundi are sourced fresh, right here in Phuket.
Welcome to Squires Loft Steakhouse Phuket – “The Steak Specialists"
Products or Services Offered
Steakhouse – Food & Beverage

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