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Feigin Electric Co., Ltd
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40/1 Huay Yai Moo 5
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From the idea to the serial production of an innovative product - needs long time , during which the product is reaches perfection.

Author - Leo Feigin - Honored reinvent Russia, working in senior positions in the electricity sector in the nuclear and aerospace industries.
1996 - The Russian inventor Lev Feigin first described the model of the future of the optimizer.

2010 - Established a technical laboratory for the analysis and testing of components as well as integrated

energy-saving solutions.

2014 -Established company Feigin Electric Co., Ltd ( ID : 0215557005844, BOI Certificate : 2564(2)/2557 )

for the production of optimizers in Thailand under the brand Smart-Optimizer ECOD.

2015 - Obtaining a patent for an invention in Thailand. (№ 1403001286)

2016 -Started production of optimizers in Thailand in cooperation with TTE Company
Our goal in the design technology of Smart – Optimizer ECOD
Circuit without introducing harmonic distortion

Output voltage network standards

Current on demand – improving the efficiency of asynchronous motors

Small energy consumption for own works – less than 1 % from total load

High reliability

Low cost

Lineup covers any load current 50, 100 , 200 …

Lightweight and dimensions

Ruggedness to the climatic conditions

Economic effect – around 10% of reduce of energy consumption

The outdoor and indoor installation

Possibility of remote monitoring

Programming for the options you want in your network. ION Setup

Quick modular repair

Quick return on investment

Not a complicated installation

Overvoltage protection

Comparing these factors you will not find analogues!
Products or Services Offered
Smart – Optimizer ECOD technology can be used for ordinary equipment and devicesconsuming electricity (Standard non-LED lamps, non-LED light bulbs, appliances, etc.) as well as asynchronous motors ( air conditioners, refrigerators and so on) and electric heaters or chillers

Implementation of several functions in one single unit as follows:

-Optimization of energy consumption
-Power factor correction
-Harmonic filtering
-Balancing phases
-Limit the maximum inrush current
-Solving problems with short-term voltage drops
-Lightning protection
– Measuring parameters of local(area) power grid and analysis

provide several advantages – among them as follows:
-Minimalization of the typical system losses
-Increase of the efficiency of the energy system
-Reduction of maintenance costs for equipment
-Increase the reliability and lifespan of electrical equipment
-Possibility to increase the number of devices conneced to local (area) power grid in case no additional capacity can be get from power distribitor .

FEIGIN ELECTRIC Technology Implementation Process

-Analysis of the client’s power supply in order to detect its problems and limitations.

-Recommendations for improvement – Determination of type of Smart – Optimizer ECOD equipment configuration and investment cost.

-Equipment delivery, assembly, installation, and activation.

-After-sales service and maintenance based and warranty for at least 5 years

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