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Hands Group
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Hands Group is an Australian, New Zealand and Thai social enterprise.
The primary purpose of Hands Group is to provide choice, education and opportunity for children in Thailand. We believe the best way we can do this is by raising funds through creating meaningful shared experiences – in essence we Share the Good. We aim to enrich the lives of not only the children in Thailand, but of every person or organisation who connects with Hands. All proceeds generated through our commercial activities, directly fund the operational costs of our charity Hands Across The Water, which is currently the biggest Australian and New Zealand charity operating in Thailand. Our projects are tailored to meet local communities’ needs – for the long term.
Products or Services Offered
Hands Group offers a suite of personal and professional development experiences designed to encourage individual growth, corporate engagements and performance and a global contribution.

With our professional development offerings, such as the Future of Leadership Series and the Social Venture Program, we share the good thinking, innovation and leadership.

Through our annual public adventure experiences such as the Ride to Provide and the Trek for Good, we share the good times, moments and collective achievements.

And ultimately, our efforts directly impact upon our charity, Hands Across the Water, through which we share the good possibilities, education and future prospects for the children.

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