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BDMS Wellness Clinic
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Public phone number
081-9322505, 02-8269999
Address Line 1
2/4 Wireless Rd, Khwaeng Lumphini,
Address Line 2
Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon
Post code
Bangkok Metropolis
Overall Area of Business Activity
Health care
Specific Sectors of Business Activity
  • Health Products / Services
Company Profile
The BDMS Wellness Clinic was founded on a single principle: to make the best regenerative and preventative care from around the world accessible in one place.

Regenerative medicine is a medical approach that takes into account all aspects our lives, from our nutrition and work-life, to exercise and environment, coupled with a comprehensive medical check-up utilizing highly advanced technology. The results of this detailed examination provides insight into our body functions at a cellular level, as well as our vitamin, mineral, antioxidant, micronutrient and hormone deficiencies. By analyzing these results, our doctors develop a program to rebalance the body and slow down cell deterioration.

Regenerative medicine brings health and wellness sciences to a new level by restoring the body with greater vitality and resilience. It is a science that requires highly trained specialists and leading-edge medical technology to provide optimal disease prevention and life-prolonging practices. We believe regenerative medicine is the future of healthcare and the key to a long and healthy life.

The BDMS Wellness Clinic is committed to pushing the boundaries of modern medicine to promote longevity, prevent disease and provide groundbreaking treatments for a longer and healthier life.
Products or Services Offered
The BDMS Wellness Clinic offers a comprehensive range of predictive diagnostic services to develop personalized health optimization programs to prevent disease, regenerate the body and reduce the risk of avoidable chronic diseases.

Our wellness services are offered through the following clinics:
• Regenerative Clinic
• Musculoskeletal & Sports Clinic
• Neuroscience Clinic
• Cardioscience Clinic
• Dental Clinic
• Fertility Clinic
• Digestive Wellness Clinic

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