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Sustainable Skills Ltd
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+61 2 9324 8600
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475-495 Victoria Avenue
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Tower 1, Level 1, Suite 1
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Professional/technical services
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  • Consultants - Human Resources
  • Consultants - Management
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  • Education/English Language Services
  • Government / Public Sector / Non-Profit
  • Training
Company Profile
Sustainable Skills is a global, not-for-profit consultancy that develops, supports, and assists effective vocational education and training (TVET) systems worldwide.

Sustainable Skills, by sharing international best practice, provides innovative services that build TVET capacity in developing countries, empowering individuals to meet their full potential and increasing local employment.
Developing people with skills that match labour market demand has the potential to transform lives and enable economic growth and prosperity.

With nearly twenty years’ experience shaping and maintaining TVET systems and frameworks in Australia and around the world, we understand what is needed to establish TVET systems that meet industry and labour market needs.
Products or Services Offered
Sustainable Skills connects governments, industry, international development aid agencies, education providers and communities to build effective Vocational Education and Training systems and skilled workforces
Identify the needs of countries and tailor unique solutions, consulting with the highest level of government to on-the-ground workforce to ensure system works
Share Australian experience and best practice
Advise, support and build the capacity of local decision makers to develop and review skills policy
Provide strategic workforce forecast and analysis to underpin the development of TVET systems and policy

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