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As lovers of wine, the Rathbone family had contemplated the idea of becoming wine producers for many years. Having planted the Laura Barnes Vineyard in the Yarra Valley in 1995 and with the family’s background in agriculture, manufacturing and their passion for the wine industry, the purchase of Yering Station in 1996 was an obvious step forward. This natural progression coupled with a combination of family talents allowed them to develop a successful business around quality wine. Yering Station in the Yarra Valley was the perfect piece in their strategy and in late 2002 Mount Langi Ghiran became the next perfect piece. After their success with Yering Station and Mount Langi Ghiran the Rathbone Family looked to expand into Margaret Rover. Recognizing Margaret River as one of the great regions in Australia, and in particular Darren Rathbone’s love of Cabernet Sauvignon was the original reason for them exploring the region. He potential for Xanadu was recognized as having the combination of great viticulture, great wine making facilities and great tourism facilities. In 2005 the Rathbone Family purchased Xanadu winery.

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