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Crestcom - Ra-Kahng Associates Ltd.
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+662 255 7890, +662 255 7895, +6681 836 4790
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18th Floor One Pacific Place
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140 Sukhumvit Road (Klong Toey)
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  • Consultants - Human Resources
  • Consultants - Management
  • Training
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Ra-Kahng Associates is a fully authorised licensee of Crestcom International, one of the world's top leadership development organisations. We help develop the leadership skills of managers from hundreds of companies in Thailand. Over 80% are repeat customers.

Have you ever heard CEOs lament: “my people go to training, return to work and then continue doing things the same old way?” The whole purpose of training is to get people to change. If that does not happen, the training is wasted.Participants should be asking: “how can we do this faster, more economically, more competitively, more profitably”
Products or Services Offered
Crestcom has developed a unique methodology that is highly effective in creating behavioral change. That's what leadership development is all about.
People do not change overnight... and it is not just what happens in the classroom. It is what happens in real life situations; with follow up, personal action plans, commitment, practice and the ability to revisit and relearn.

Call us for a 29-minute executive overview. If you like what you hear, we will give you a free, trial Leadership Skills Workshop so that you can judge for yourself if this will work with your management team. It's a valuable learning experience.

Imagine if your management team could improve their performance in the following areas. What would be the effect on your bottom line?
Communication; Customer Service; Developing People; Leadership; Managing Change; Negotiation; Problem Solving & Decision Making; Raising Productivity; Strategic Thinking; Team Building.

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