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International Legal Counsellors Thailand Ltd.
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+66 2 679 6005
Address Line 1
18th Floor Sathorn City Tower
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175 South Sathorn Road, Sathorn, Thungmahamek
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  • Legal
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International Legal Counsellors Thailand Ltd, was founded in 1966 and is affiliated with the international firm of Russin & Vecchi with ASEAN Region Offices in Taipei, Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh City. The firm has 9 resident partners, 13 associate lawyers, 21 paralegals and 27 supporting staffs with a total of 70 employees.
Products or Services Offered
Legal advisers and advocates in the fields of corporate tax, finance, banking, patent, trademark, maritime, construction, real estate, litigation, arbitration, securities, labour, investment and privatisation, petrochemicals, petroleum and mineral resources and energy law, as well as other aspects of commercial law practice.

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