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Free Online Consultation with Dentist

Free! Online Consultation with Dentist
Don’t worry about your oral health. You can talk to the dentist anywhere.

BDMS Wellness Clinic would like to offer free online consultation during the year of 2020.​

✔ No need to go to the clinic due to the preventive and social distancing measures

✔ Convenient, Fast and Easy to use

For more information/ booking Appointments, please contact:

  • Call: 0 2826 9986
  • Line: @bdmswellnessclinic or
  • Email:​
  • Or register in this link:  
    ​(Customer Experience Staff will contact you back for appointment confirmation)

Terms & Conditions:

  • Online Consultation will be performed by the dentist whose specialty matches with the requirements of the customers.
  • Regular Online Consultation will be provided for 10 minutes for free.
  • THB500 will be charged for the 30-minute consultation.
  • THB1,000 will be charged for Personalized Smile Design and Analysis. The dentist will design your smile to match with your requirement and fit with your facial structure and personality.
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