Promotional Offers – Work from home platform is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform designed to allow companies to manage staff working remotely.

On a basic level it allows companies to create projects and assign tasks to their staff.  Staff can estimate the time required, use trackers on their phone or computer to log the time taken, and/or manually enter and track time spent on a task.

Managers and project owners can see in real-time what tasks staff are working on and can adjust task priorities on the fly. 

Tasks can be annotated and puts sent to staff in real-time.

For an organisation trying to quickly transition to a ‘work from home world’ provides a simple strategy for companies to move to this new model. Full reporting and basic Gantt charts are built in.

The solution currently supports both small and large teams and a company can run multiple projects concurrently  with staff assigned on a many to many basis. If any Austcham ASEAN member companies would like to use it is free to for them to use.

Contact me directly at for further information or go to and register your company and users there directly. is available in a range of languages.

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