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Special offers from Shiftleft

Shiftleft is a BOI software development and consulting company that can help your company build out appropriate Business to Consumer platforms quickly enough to allow you to protect both your staff and customers from the risk/s of face to face contact and the ongoing disruptions to business and retail operations.

If your business is trying to transition to an online model, or looking to move away from a simple online storefront, talk to us about how we can help you.  Our team has built everything from WordPress sites through to complex, bespoke, online stores with payment gateways, shipping interfaces and CRM integration points.

We have a mobile application development team that can quickly build mobile apps and/or integrate existing services such as Line, WhatsApp, WeChat pay etc into your sales cycle.

If you have started down this path and are experiencing issues then our consulting team can assist with QA/testing (including Load and Performance testing) and project reviews.

Please contact for further information

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