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September 5, 2022
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3 Ways to Maintain Compassion in Your Digital Marketing

Many people have spent periods in relative isolation since the dawn of the pandemic back in early 2020, resulting in increased levels of social disconnect and anxiety. The consequent social connection deficit means that companies can shine by showing compassion within their digital marketing strategies. By skilfully incorporating the right techniques, businesses can help communities connect with brands they support and care for – while also helping to reduce that feeling of social isolation.

As a digital marketing agency in Bangkok, Thailand, we routinely incorporate empathy in our brand storytelling service. Below are three ways that effectively promote this feeling of connection in all digital content marketing efforts.

Develop useful and handy resources

Delivering real value in your communications is an excellent way to engage with both current and potential customers. This approach shows that you sincerely wish to help without expecting anything in return. Every such generous act will be remembered in the minds of your audience, boosting your brand image.

A report by Edelman found that over 80% of customers expect companies to incorporate useful content through digital platforms. How can your knowledge and expertise help people live better? What are some healthy habits that your brand can promote among its customers? As people continue to spend much of their time online, using this opportunity to deliver tips and suggestions will be widely appreciated.

Still, creating practical tools and resources for your audience can be a challenging task. As a video production agency in Bangkok, Thailand, we can help you build these resources while keeping your followers hungry for more.

Maintain awareness

Companies should know how, where, when, and why their products currently suit people. Some questions to ask yourself are:

  • Will my content really be genuinely useful and sincere?
  • Am I really proficient and knowledgeable in this topic?
  • Will my message be perceived as motivational and well-intended?
  • Can my opinions be supported and proven with factual data?

Building on years of experience in this area, our digital marketing agency in Bangkok, Thailand will ensure that your content is presented in a way that is captivating, useful, and accurate on all platforms.

Listen before replying

Social media is a deceptively tricky environment in which to operate, with no boundaries on how people may react to information. Social norms which can be taken for granted in the real world, are routinely ignored in digital space. Companies should therefore think carefully about the impact of their responses in order to avoid the possibility of misunderstandings. Carelessly published content in any form can backfire quickly on any organisation’s brand image.

An equally important skill involves listening to what others say about your brand online. Expressions of criticism towards your company show that there is a problem which needs to be delicately resolved. Once you understand your readers and how they perceive you, you will be able to respond to them effectively, generating content that is both relevant and appreciated by your audience.

Our social media agency in Bangkok, Thailand can help you develop and express digital empathy. Contact us today to find out more.

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