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December 29, 2021

A Launch of Australia-Thailand Cyber Incident Response Fundamental Workshop

Australian Embassy in collaboration with the newly established Thailand’s National Cyber Security Agency recently launched a Cyber Incident Response Fundamental Workshop, an initiative between Australia and Thailand with the assistance from cybersecurity expert award-winning Australian company Retrospect Labs.
The workshops aims to assist key Thai critical information infrastructure organisations to identify and respond to cyber threats and incidents. Over 150 people, ranging from regulators to private sector representatives took part in this Cyber Incident Response Program.
Australia strongly values its engagement with Thailand on cyber, critical technology and digital connectivity matters. Under our Strategic Partnership, Australia and Thailand have committed to strengthening our longstanding ties to strengthen prosperity, stability and resilience, both in our countries and in the Indo-Pacific region. Australia and Thailand are currently developing a Joint Plan of Action under the Strategic Partnership. Under this, we are expanding our bilateral cooperation on cyber issues to include cyber-related critical technologies.
Australian Embassy Bangkok