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April 26, 2018
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85 years the legacy of Blackmores: HR Strategy

By Blackmores Thailand

Blackmores has been an industry leader in Australia for over 85 years with the vision and passion of one man – Maurice Blackmore(1906-1977), who had ideas about health way ahead of his time.

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Blackmores has been and industry leader in Australia since 1930. Maurice Blackmore’s belief in the health-giving properties of herbs and minerals led him to develop a whole system of healthcare based on naturopathic principles. His beliefs are still valid today and his teachings are incorporated in the training programs of many natural health practitioners.

Our purpose is to improve people’s lives by delivering the world’s best natural health solutions that become people’s first choice in healthcare. We achieve this by translating our unrivalled heritage and knowledge into innovative, quality branded healthcare solutions that work.

bm 2Blackmores’ core value, the fundamental that leads us to success, is called “PIRLS” Passion for Natural Health, Integrity, Respect, Leadership and Social Responsibility. These can be seen in everything we do. Professional working manner with enthusiasm of excellence as our belief in passion for natural health. We treat each other with equality and fairness, diversity is the key that drives the Blackmores team. We use our knowledge, skills and experiences to motivate to be the best. We are making a greater contribution to the good of the community. We are proud of Blackmores’ record as a socially and environmentally responsible corporate citizen. Together we are involved in a wide range of health, education and other community projects that reflect our corporate beliefs.

There are over 1,000 employees in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. 65% speak an Asian languagebm 3 as their mother tongue, as we embrace diversity with respect and open equal opportunity to all employees. Blackmores’ competency and our values are the pathway we follow to develop our team across the globe. 5 key competencies are assigned to each job per requirement, all jobs in company are mapped with Blackmores’ global standard and align with roles and responsibilities, we would like to make sure that all employees in every job has been developed in the right way and to standardize our development program. Because we believe that employee are our most valuable asset and we would like them to grow together with the company. Moreover the company strongly support employee’s continuing education to grow their current and future role with fully-funded scholarships for our team members who would like to study after work. “Lunch and Learn” is one of example that shows the way we build up our learning atmosphere, as employees can share their knowledge and experiences.

bm 4At Blackmores we support our team members to “Be a Well Being” and good quality of work life. Many programs are designed for wellness, not only health, but also mindful such as running activities, meditation programs, corporate fitness and social responsibility programs etc. ,where employees can enjoy the environment of happiness and health. Every quarter the company gives 3 products to employees to consume, also Blackmores’ products are available the in canteen which employees could have daily.

With the era of technology Blackmores integrate IT systems to support HR business bm 5named “B!Connect” as one stop service. The functions are include personal information where employees are able to review and update their data by themselves, Goal and GROW Review the performance setting and reviewing tracking system, Career Development – the page where employees can design their individual development plan, Leave on-line and Internal Vacancies where employee could search job vacancies in Blackmores around the world and able to apply directly. Moreover, we have launched Blackmores’ global recruitment website where candidates can find vacant jobs in Blackmores also they can drop their resume if open position didn’t match with their profile. This system will inform candidates once open position match candidate requirement. E-recruitment allows candidates easy access to apply for jobs in Blackmores and candidates can track their recruitment status. Once candidates passedan interview and agree to join with Blackmores, they shall experience our company via e-onboarding which introduce candidates to get familiar and being a part of the company. The e-onboarding will help new employee to better understanding our Blackmores’ way, Core Values and our culture and we have tracking the feedback which will take 12 weeks from the first day to completed the onboarding program.

In Blackmores, we believe in values of our people as the philosophy of Mr. Marcus Blackmore said 3Ps that drive company success are PEOPLE, PRODUCT and PASSION. If you want to be a part of our journey let’s apply at

Blackmores Thailand
Blackmores started in Queensland in the 1930s. It was the vision and passion of Australia’s pioneering naturopath, Maurice Blackmore, a man who would be truly proud that Blackmores today is Australia’s most trusted name in natural healthcare. For over 85 years we have combined scientific evidence with traditional knowledge to offer people a more natural approach to health. As a company and as individuals, we strive to make a difference in everything from the products and services we offer to our commitment to environmental sustainability. Ideas that were considered radical, when company founder Maurice Blackmore was at the helm of the business, are now part of our way of life. The quest for optimum health requires a never-ending pursuit of reliable and trusted information. We recognise that every day you make choices about your health and wellbeing and we want you to be in the best position to make the right decisions. Our website, in addition to our free Advisory Service, forms part of Blackmores’ ongoing commitment to providing you with information that will empower you to take control of your health.

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