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August 28, 2018
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Why choose 24 Hour Fitness?

By Dane Cantwell, the Country Manager of Jetts Fitness in Thailand

Living the simple 9-5 type lifestyle is seemingly becoming more a thing of the past now as people want to inject more into their lifestyle in order to gain a greater experience or reap more rewards. With the world becoming more globalized and technology advancing it is not unusual to be working in different locations and also sometimes on different time zones whether you are an international traveler or not. Working out should be on your terms because life is busy enough and your time is precious.

Why people are starting to choose 24hour fitness clubs:

  • Workout on your terms– whether it be a late night workout since your meeting has over run or you have simply woken up early and want to exercise. 24 hour fitness clubs gives you the “key” to the club, even after hours. This allows for much more flexibility.
  • Community feel– 24 hour fitness clubs are not like your mass ‘big box’ style club and are typically half the size which allows for less intimidation and at the same time allows for members to get to know each other and feeling more comfortable in their workout environment.
  • Convenience fitness/more locations-since the clubs are smaller they are typically built and open quicker. They also operate locations not only in central areas but amongst the community which makes them more convenient, whether it is closer to your home or your work.
  • Keeping it simple-24 hour fitness provides a full range of equipment for you to take on your fitness goals however normally the clubs will not add on any additional features such as tennis courts, swim pools, sleeping zones since most members simply do not use these facilities. This also means that they can keep the fees low.
  • No lock in contracts– most members now want to have the freedom of choice and don’t want to be tied down with long standing contracts. They want to have the flexibility and at the same time enjoy member friendly policies.

So we’ve designed a gym for people who want to get results without spending hours and hours working out. Also, to keep it simple and convenient to hit the gym Jetts Fitness Thailand is growing at roughly one new outlet per month (there will be 15 outlets by December 2018) which allows for greater flexibility since if you join one, then you join them all. Couple this with our world class technology enabling members to register for a class anywhere on your smartphone or tablet, it makes heading to Jetts hassle free so do come and check us out at one of our locations in Thailand.

Dane Cantwell, the Country Manager of Jetts Fitness in Thailand
Dane Cantwell is the Country Manager of Jetts Fitness in Thailand. He has spent the last 15 years in the health club industry in South East Asia and was previously the Regional Sales Manager for Virgin Active group for SEA. He has also held senior roles with Pure Group (Hong Kong) and Fitness First (Hong Kong). Mr Cantwell understands best industry practise from working with different fitness leaders within South East Asia. He also understands the market very well from his extensive experience. Mr Cantwell is a graduate from the Auckland University of technology, completing a Bachelor of health science. He is also an A bursary student from the prestigious Auckland Grammar school in New Zealand. Please visit for more details about Jetts. Homepro, Senafest and FYI Center will open soon in September 2018.

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