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September 30, 2021
AustCham 2018-01

Chamber Business News: September 2021

2 SEP – AustCham Thailand Webinar on Clean Power Solutions for factories: Solar rooftop and Energy trading

On Thursday 2 September, AustCham Thailand held its webinar on “Clean Power Solutions for factories” with Thailand’s leader in fully integrated logistics and industrial facilities, the WHA Group.   We would like to thank our speaker, Mr. Punrapee Noparumpa; Director, Power Business Development, WHA Utilities and Power Public Company Limited, for taking his time sharing information on why factories are choosing Solar Rooftop solutions, including cost and energy savings benefits, insights into how factories are building solar ecosystems, environmental benefits for switching to solar Smart Energy Ecosystems and benefits of Energy Trading Platforms, how Peer to Peer Energy Trading is being defined, and tracking data on Blockchain.

7 SEP – AustCham Virtual Meeting: Food Delivery Services – Alternatives for F&B outlets during COVID-19

On Tuesday 7 September, AustCham’s Hospitality and Tourism Committee held a virtual meeting on Food Delivery Services: Alternatives for F&B outlets during COVID-19 lockdown. We would like to thank our members in Hospitality industry, M.L. Laksasubha Kridakon; Owner at Laksasubha Resort (Hua Hin), Sammy Carolus; General Manager at Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit, John Popovic; General Manager at Sweet Poppy (Nonthaburi), Nicholas Constantinou; Managing Director at Lady Pie (Phuket), as well as our moderator: Wayne Williams; CFO at Minor Hotels, for sharing their thoughts and experience regarding COVID19 implications on F&B service management and how they adapted their business models to meet those challenges.

9 SEP – AustCham’s Health & Wellness Focus: Building a Balanced and Stable Immune System

On Thursday 9 September 2021, AustCham Thailand held its Health & Wellness Focus session on “Building a Balanced and Stable Immune System to Fight COVID19”. We would like to thank our speakers, Dr. Johannes Wessolly, Miskawaan Health Group Chief Medical Director, and Mr. David Boehm, Miskawaan Health Group’s CEO, for highlighting the importance of a balanced immune system and the key to optimal health in any situation, especially amidst COVID-19 pandemic : what you can do to improve, enhance, balance, and stabilize your immune system so that you are in the best position to let your immunity work synergistically with any vaccine.

14 SEP – AustCham Thailand webinar: “The Bottom Line – Cost Savings Tips for Businesses”

On Tuesday 14 September, Austcham Thailand held its webinar on “The Bottom Line – Cost Savings Tips for Businesses”. We would like to thank our speakers Mr. Robert Easson and Mr. Stuart Pollington from Easson Energy Limited and Mr. Steve Harrop from PKF Thailand for sharing useful cost-saving tips for businesses and the importance of implementing energy efficiency strategies that help improve the environment.

21 SEP – AustCham Thailand Virtual Meeting: “AustCham Members’ Orientation”

A great opportunity to review all of the benefits AustCham Thailand has to offer at our Members’ Orientation session on Tuesday 21st September 2021. Remember, if you would like to know more about promotion & networking opportunities, industry specific focus groups, plans for the remainder of 2021, and importantly, how members can get involved, please feel free to contact us anytime.
*The AustCham Community is built on Members supporting Members*

28 SEP – AustCham Thailand webinar on “Termination of employment due to COVID-19”

On Tuesday 28 September, AustCham Thailand held its webinar on “Termination of employment due to COVID-19” Thank you Mr. Chusert Supasitthumrong, Partner at Tilleke & Gibbins, for comprehensive information regarding a legal update on employment law in Thailand, particularly in relation to the termination of employment. 
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