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March 20, 2018
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Chiang Mai World Fair 2018 Brief Australian Consulate Chiang Mai Promotion Partnering Opportunities – June 22- July 1 Chiang Mai Convention & Exhibition Centre

Source:  Australian Consulate Chiang Mai

The Consular Corps of Northern Thailand, including the Australian Consulate, has been asked by the Governor of Chiang Mai Province to participate in a World Fair. This event is a joint venture between the Governor and consular missions based in Northern Thailand to strengthen links between the people and the world community. The theme is “Around the World in Chiang Mai – Gateway to the World”. Chiang Mai World Fair 2018 will be held June 22 – July 1 2018 at the Chiang Mai International Exhibition and Convention Centre.

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The event goal is to showcase world cultures, international products and promote cultural exchange and opportunities for international education and tourism. Last year 22 countries participated in the 3-day event that attracted over 180,000 visitors. This year Chiang Mai World Fair 2018 will be held in partnership with Lanna Expo 2018, a popular annual event which targets Chiang Mai, Lamphun, Lampang and Mae Hong Son provinces and attracted over 400,000 visitors to the 10 day event last year. Lanna Expo promotes trade, investment, and the potential of the North, as well as the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS), which extends to Thailand’s neighboring countries.

The Consulate in Chiang Mai is seeking expressions of interest from Companies involved in Australian products and services to participate. This brief has been prepared to:

  1. raise your awareness of this event through this invitation, &
  2. seek an expression of interest for potential involvement (subject to discussions & final arrangements)

There are two options available to participate with the Australian Consulate Chiangmai.

  • Australian Pavilion – An integrated Australian booth(s) approach where products/services (except alcohol) may be displayed & promoted (no sales are allowed). You promotion would be located together with our Consulate booth and Australian showcase. The booth(s) & area are provided to the Consulate free and participation is by invitation only by the Consulate. There may be a modest cost for the production of booth backdrops depending on what may be agreed with participants. You would be responsible for any display or staffing requirements.

The consulate would like to hear from companies or individuals that may wish to establish a display in our pavilion to market Australian products or services.  No sales would be allowed in the booth – only product/services display and promotion. You can only secure areas in the Australian Booth through invitation by the Consulate (see contact details below).

  • SME Commercial Zone – (this is in a different area of the exhibition zone and not adjacent to Country booths) where products and services may be displayed, promoted and commercially sold. Booths are commercially rented & decorated by the holder. Arrangements would be between the event organiser and interested companies. Companies wishing to secure commercial booths for product or services sales can contact the event organiser.

The Consulate would appreciate being made aware of your interest in this commercial aspect as well, should you consider this an appropriate opportunity.  See attached Policy and document to register your interest for an SME booth or contact Khun Wananya, Event Organizer ([email protected] 089-265-9821) and rent a booth in the SME zone where companies will be allowed to both promote and sell their products. The cost of a 2x3m booth will be 15,000 Baht for the full 10 day event. (see attached reply form)

Please note that promotion and sale of alcoholic beverages will not be permitted in either Chiang Mai World Fair 2018 or Lanna Expo 2018. ”

Please see Condition Guidelines – at Attachment A – guidelines provided by the Provincial Government. Note: the policy guidelines have changes 3 times over the past month and are subject to further amendments as the Chiang Mai Government deem appropriate.

Expressions of Interest – Request for feedback

Final participation by Australia in this event is currently under consideration between the Embassy Bangkok and the Consulate Chiang Mai.  To assist our planning to participate it would be very useful to understand the level of interest – to either:

(1) Promote goods or services (no sales) jointly in the Australian pavilion (booth(s), or

(2) Sell products or services by renting a commercial booth as agreed with the organiser.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could consider this invitation, related information and inform me of your interest to potentially participate.  Should your company or agency be interested in getting involved with the Australian Consulate to (a) exhibit and promote (b) or make sales/sell – products/services/cultural or other items related to Australia please contact the Honorary Consul Chiang Mai to discuss. I am very keen to understand your level of interest, hear about any promotional ideas and opportunities available.

Australian Consulate Chiang Mai

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