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February 29, 2024
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Exploring the Benefits of Telemedicine for Expats in Thailand

Big data, a product of the information age, is having a profound impact on people’s lives in every facet of society. Virtual care’s popularity has skyrocketed, especially since the pandemic, thanks to the ease it offers in terms of both online and offline access to healthcare.

With regard to the topic of telemedicine, our friends at Pacific Prime Thailand have some valuable insights for all expats now residing in or planning to relocate to Thailand, the ‘Land of Smiles’.

The Importance of Telemedicine

The term “telemedicine” refers to the practice of providing medical treatment to patients through the use of electronic communication networks, such as the Internet, mobile phones, and personal computers. It is a revolutionary method for individuals, especially expats, to obtain prescriptions, medical advice, and professional support in the most time and cost-effective way.

As expats in Thailand, booking an appointment at a doctor’s office when feeling unwell is common sense. Everyone wants access to quality care and to get better quickly. However, there are times when a visit to a public hospital in Thailand is challenging to manage, which causes telemedicine to be the primary way to take care of minor medical conditions for all digitally savvy Thais.

The Growth of Telemedicine in Thailand

In addition to the advancement in medical technology, there are drivers that have pushed the use of telemedicine further in the eyes of the public.

Medical Demand

The current Thai healthcare system is not able to meet the growing demand for services. The total expenditure in Southeast Asia is expected to reach $740 billion, specifically for Thailand, and only 0.47 physicians are available for every 1,000. This illustrates that there is a high medical demand for medical care that is not met.

Range of Services Available

Telemedicine provides a wide range of services for users, and the user doesn’t necessarily have to be sick in order to enjoy the benefits. Here is a list of medical services popular among citizens and expats:

  • Obtaining support for non-emergency paediatric care
  • Video or phone consultations with a licensed doctor or nurse
  • A diagnosis for non-emergency health issues
  • Getting advice on a medication plan and potential side effects
  • Obtaining treatment options for mild medical conditions
  • Prescriptions for common health concerns
  • Refilling an ongoing medication
  • Receiving preparation suggestions for an upcoming consultation

Advantages of Telemedicine

Telemedicine is advantageous to patients, doctors, and society in general:

  • Efficient: Doctors and specialists can manage a case easier and faster, so more patients can access them. It is also time-efficient as you do not have to free up an hour or two to commute to a clinic or hospital.
  • Inexpensive: In contrast to a doctor’s visit, telemedicine is usually included in a comprehensive health insurance plan. One with health insurance secured does not have to worry about outpatient coverage, copayments, and deductibles.
  • Private: Care under telemedicine is received in the comfort and privacy of your selected location, so you won’t have to worry about not feeling comfortable talking about your illness in the presence of others.
  • Safe: By not traveling to the clinic, you avoid having to be surrounded by other patients, which could potentially be contagious. This is particularly important when your immune system is weakened by the effects of viruses or bacteria.
  • Easily accessible: No matter where you are in the country, it is easier for you to make time and access medical care, especially for those who are disabled and elderly. As hospital facilities are centered in Bangkok, quality care will now be equally accessible to all.
  • Enhance overall population health: As medical consultations are made easier with this technology; it simplifies the way that people can maintain good physical and mental health. More doctors and specialists are then available for those who truly need medical attention. The notion then ultimately translates into boosting overall health.

Gain Access to Telemedicine with Pacific Prime Thailand

Telemedicine is transforming the healthcare system in Thailand, providing residents and expats with equal opportunities to access medical care wherever and whenever needed. The added benefit of preventive care options offered to users made it the future of health promotion.

The most direct way expats can start using telemedicine services is to secure comprehensive international health insurance. Included in the insurance package, the insured need not pay for hefty doctor’s visits and prescription bills.

Pacific Prime Thailand has over 20 years of experience as an insurance broker. They have a global insurance provider network to offer you the best comprehensive international health insurance for your needs and wants.

Contact them today for impartial advice from their team of insurance experts or an obligation-free quote comparison!

Pacific Prime Thailand

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