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July 13, 2020
Australian Embassy

Headlines summary as of 13 July 2020


  • Updates related to COVID-19:
    • Today, Thailand reports three newly confirmed cases, a total of 3,220 cases. Out of the total number, 3,090 have been discharged from hospital; 72 are being hospitalised (at 95.96%). The death toll is at 58. The newly confirmed cases are Thai nationals returned from Kuwait, Egypt and Bahrain and have been in state quarantine since. This is the 49th consecutive day that there is no local transmission in Thailand.
    • Over the weekend, Thailand reported 15 newly confirmed cases, a total of 3,217 cases. Out of the total number, 3,088 have been discharged from hospital; 71 were hospitalised.
    • CCSA warns people in Bangkok and the Eastern province of Rayong of a possible contact of COVID-19 confirmed cases:
      • One from the Egyptian cabin crews who travelled from Cairo-UAE-Pakistan and arrived in U-Tapao on 8 July. The crews went to Chengdu on 9 July for a day trip. He was tested positive on 12 July after he had returned to Egypt on 11 July. The crew went to department store in Rayong.
      • The other is a 9 years old girl from Sudan, she travels as a part of diplomatic entourage. She then travelled and stayed in a condominium in Bangkok.
      • CCSA said they need to tighten the quarantine measures even with the diplomatic group.
    • An interview with Deputy Director-General at the Information Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on disinformation, virus numbers, and spreading the right message.—Thai Enquirer
    • After media reported on the illegal entry of foreigners into Thailand: 16 Chinese swam across Thai-Myanmar border river to Thailand seeking assistance from Chinese Embassy in Thailand.—Thai Rath and 88 Cambodians about to enter Thailand.—Naew Na
      • The Deputy PM Prawit said he has ordered the Internal Security Operation Command to monitor the illicit entries.—Than Settakij
    • On the case of 19 out of 27 Pakistanis who were reported of not having Certificate of Entry (COE), CCSA spokesperson said that it was an administrative errors, every member of the business persons from Pakistan had their COE.
    • On Sunday, Chulalongkorn University announced its advancement of the COVID-19 vaccine development, saying that the experiment showed good results in monkey and that they are eyeing to recruit volunteers for the clinical trials.—all media outlet
    • Nida Poll announced the result of its survey that a majority of people (55.32%) are still opposed to opening the country to foreigners who are not infected with Covid-19, reasoning that the global coronavirus situation is still very serious.—Bangkok Post


  • In an attempt to curb the internal rifts within the third largest party in the coalition, Democrat Party held a seminar of its MPs and ministers in their southern stronghold to strengthen party’s unity, prior to its annual general meeting on 19 July.
  • Media reports that the government is eyeing to hold local elections, halted since Gen Prayut staged the coup in 2014, starting with the Bangkok governor in this December.
    • Move Forward Party’s member and former Ministry of Interior official Mr Chamnan Chanreung said that he has heard that the government will hold local elections on December, 13th, the Bangkok governor and provincial administration organisation seats.—Thai Post
    • A media speculates that Pol Gen Chakthip Chaijinda will be nominated as independent candidate for the Bangkok governor in an aim to affirm the legality of the security force chief taking political positions. Under the current constitution, the security force chiefs are assigned to be Senators by position and have to be exempted from politics for two years.—Inside Thailand
  • Super Poll published its latest survey asking people’s opinion on the upcoming cabinet reshuffle. Majority of people (at 86.6 %) said they are less to not satisfactory with the former People’s Democratic Reform Committee to be part of the portfolio.
  • Energy Minister Sondhirat denied the earlier report that he will join the newly established “Kla Party” led by former Finance Minister from Democrat Party Korn. Last Friday, Sondhirat, as well as Finance Minister Uttama, Higher Education Minister Suvit and Deputy secretary-general to the PM Kobsak, announced the resignation from the main ruling Palang Pracharat Party (PPRP). The Energy Minister and the former PPRP secretary-general said as of now, he does not have the intention to establish a new political party.—Thai Rath, Daily News, Than Settakij


PM Prayut held a meeting with his economic ministers, advisers and business leaders to discuss Covid19 rehabilitation measures.  They reached the following agreements:


  • Thailand and Japan are expected to finalize a travel bubble agreement for Japanese investors next week.  The move came after Japanese business people advised BOI that they want to enter Thailand to run their existing businesses here.  Source: 


  • Some 134 foreign companies received approval to conduct business in Thailand in the first half of 2020 under the Foreign Business Act, with investment value totalling 5.35 billion Baht.  In June alone, 22 foreign companies received approval to invest, worth 1.58 billion Baht, mainly from Japan and Singapore.  Source:
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