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August 18, 2022
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How to Successfully Rebrand Your Company

Your brand is how your company presents itself to the world. Sometimes it’s necessary to update this image through rebranding – whether your company’s values or trajectory have changed, or even just to give your business the occasional fresh start.

But carrying out a rebrand is a delicate process, both in conception and execution. If done poorly, the new brand identity may confuse your current customer base and negatively affect your company’s reputation, requiring an uphill climb to regain loyalty from that point onwards.

Our digital marketing agency in Bangkok, Thailand has analyzed successful rebrands across a variety of industries, identifying the key elements needed for a positive rebranding outcome. If your business is considering a rebrand in the months or years ahead, make sure it follows the recommendations below:

  1. Have a clear reason

What specific goals is your rebrand trying to accomplish? These ambitions must be clearly articulated at the very outset, and among everyone involved in the project, lest the entire effort become directionless.

Are you looking to appeal to new audiences? Further differentiate your company from its peers? Set the foundation for a new era in your marketing approach? Whatever the reasons may be, everyone in your company needs to understand the goal so that they can direct their efforts toward achieving it.

  • Don’t go overboard

Change only what needs changing, and keep the rest just the way it is. Ideally your company will stay recognizable to its existing customer base, while also enhancing its appeal to its intended audience. By holding onto the elements that are already working well, you’ll be able to build on what you’ve already accomplished, without having to go back to square one.

  • Consider both costs and benefits

Rebranding is always an expense in the short term, given the time, effort, and resources needed to reinvent its marketing approach. From product packaging, to store or office redecoration, to the printing of new business cards for employees, the rebranding journey is anything but simple.

In the long run, however, such a move may make perfect sense given the reputational benefits. A minimalist approach to rebranding may also reduce the cost of marketing and other expenses moving forward, putting your business in a better position down the road. Our video production agency in Bangkok, Thailand recommends a complete cost-benefit analysis before committing to a full rebrand.

  • Establish clear guidelines for your new brand

An effective branding display, no matter the company, will always use a consistent approach to fonts, imagery, and layout. Failing to maintain a standardized brand presentation can make your company appear disorganized in the eyes of new and existing audiences alike. Clear brand guidelines can ensure the necessary consistency by creating a portfolio of standard design elements, which your team can use as a reference for all brand-related matters.

Rebranding can open the door to greater business success, but it also carries real risks – particularly for companies without experience in this area. Our social media agency in Bangkok, Thailand can help your organization find its way forward, from strategy and design, all the way to developing new marketing materials and a brand book to accompany them. Contact us today to get started.

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