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November 4, 2022
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How Video Content Can Boost Your Marketing Efforts

With each passing year, effective marketing increasingly takes place in the digital realm – and digital content uses video as the preferred medium. Forward-looking companies are embracing video production as a way of reaching their target demographics, as faster network speeds have led to video taking a growing share of consumers’ screen time.

Audiences prefer video for its entertainment value and ease of consumption. For the business world, both live and animated videos let companies bring their message straight to the audience, with enough energy to inspire viewers to take action. The video format also brings these other benefits:

Reputation building

A well-made video signals to audiences that your company is for real, that it has invested in its own brand, and that it is competent enough to create a high-quality media product. Audiences value these indicators, and so does Google’s search algorithm: Websites that have video content tend to out-rank those that don’t.

As new audiences arrive at your website or social media page, video can quickly orient them by showing who you are, what you do, and the value that you bring to your customers. Such a positive first impression can lead more potential customers through your marketing funnel, where they will get to know you even better and then consider making a purchase.

Video can also play an important role in inspiring audiences to come back for more. An entertaining video, perhaps with a catchy jingle that they will hum long after the video played has closed, can help your message ‘stick’ in the minds of audiences better than most photos or infographics. Video also has a much better chance of going viral than other forms of content, helping to put your business on the map for even bigger audiences.

Making connections

Videos that are both playful and informative tend to be the most engaging. They should also tell the right visual story about your company’s products, services, and values. If these messages are framed within the right narrative, people will connect with them – realising that they share your company’s ideals, and therefore want to help your company succeed.

This kind of emotional connection is almost always more potent and durable than the kind of impersonal, ‘transactional’ kind of relationship that a purely logical sales approach would generate. When people truly connect with your company, they will remain loyal for longer, often showing a willingness to pay more for the privilege of doing business with you. It should therefore be no surprise that when asked to choose between video and plain text, more people choose the video format, even if the informational content of both options is the same.

Of course, the impact your business generates from video content will be directly related to quality. Successful videos require careful planning and scripting, advanced equipment, excellent organisation on the day of shooting, and thorough post-production.

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