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January 3, 2023
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Lexicon Officially Launches Sustainability Marketing Department

Bangkok, Thailand, November 2022 – The recently launched Sustainability Marketing Department at Lexicon Business Communications will be headed by Director Johan Vandebeek. 

With over 10 years of experience in the global petrochemical industry and a specialization in recycling projects, Vandebeek is currently enrolled at Harvard to pursue a Master’s of Liberal Arts degree in Sustainability. Prior to joining, he was a consultant on several of Lexicon’s sustainability projects. 

Lexicon’s Founder & CEO David Norcross has worked closely with Vandebeek in planning the services for the new department. As a field of emerging importance, sustainability will now become a new area of expertise for Lexicon, as the digital marketing leader helps businesses manage their environmental campaigns and projects. 

Lexicon’s video production agency in Bangkok will help Vandebeek host his own podcast, which features leading public figures on the topic of sustainability. Content ranging from animations, documentaries, and studio videos will also be created to help clients achieve maximum attention and outreach, uniting every stakeholder around the world’s environmental challenges.  

“We work with clients from all sectors – governments, NGOs, petrochemical companies, retail, professional services – and the key concept that kept coming back again and again was sustainability,” said Norcross. “Sustainability is such a broad concept, and it’s not just about environmental waste. It’s about sustainable organizations. It’s about gender equality. There are so many facets of sustainability that it’s really something meaningful for us as an organization to focus on. It aligns with our core values of professionalism, teamwork and creative storytelling. And it’s meaningful work that we can do to use the power of storytelling to make the world a better place. The demand was there. The capabilities were there. And now that we have a clear focus on this niche, we’re able to provide something that no other organization is providing at the moment.”

For Norcross and Vandebeek, the prioritization of sustainability isn’t just a matter of duty. It is an important practice that businesses in every sector must proactively address to remain competitive and in harmony with new trends, regulations, and laws. 

According to a 2021 McKinsey report, businesses can reduce up to 60% in operational costs through ESG investments. A KPMG survey has also shown that 80% of companies around the globe now provide sustainability reports to their investors as a means of addressing risk. In addition to investors, young consumers are also taking a firm stance on sustainability, with 75% of Gen Z respondents in First Insight’s survey stating that they are more inclined to pay for sustainable products. 

“Sustainability of course concerns people and the planet, but it is also connected to profit,” said Vandebeek. “Something can only be sustainable if it’s financially viable as well. But the relevant stakeholders will only buy in if they’re aware of the sustainability efforts companies are undertaking. So we’re very excited to help companies and organizations get the word out, using creative storytelling as a catalyst for change.”

Lexicon is a digital marketing agency in Bangkok, Thailand. We use branded storytelling to connect our clients with their ideal audience through social media marketing, website design, video production, branding, copywriting, and a full range of Bangkok creative agency services as well as our Bangkok translation service. All work is done in-house by our talented internationally-minded team of creative storytellers and every project is created bespoke to suit our clients’ needs.

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