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December 21, 2023
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Navigating Maternity Health Insurance: Coverage and Considerations for Expectant Expats

Maternity care in Thai hospitals can be expensive for non-Thai nationals, with prices varying by facility and level of care. Particularly, public hospitals are notorious for lengthy wait times for examinations, and physicians may not consistently provide the necessary care and attention, let alone potential barriers like language differences.  

Are you a female expat who desires to conceive or intends to do so while residing in a foreign nation? Do you have an expat partner who is expecting to become pregnant soon?

For your baby’s sake, expats are recommended to seek maternity care at private hospitals; however, this can be expensive. As a result, it’s important to know what to consider, the areas of maternity coverage, and why maternity health insurance is strongly recommended.

This Pacific Prime Thailand article will provide you with information on the ins and outs of maternity health insurance in Thailand. 

What to Consider When it Comes to Private Maternity Care in Thailand

Given the superior state of Thai healthcare, it can be said with confidence that the nation houses one of the most talented medical workforces in the world, which translates to high quality medical services and highly-qualified doctors. A private hospital in Thailand may be expensive, but it is definitely worth considering for your baby’s delivery.

Below are the key areas of consideration when it comes to private maternity care in Thailand. 

Access to Elite Medical Professionals and State-of-the-Art Facilities

Known for their highly skilled medical staff, Bumrungrad International Hospital, boasts skilled obstetricians and anesthesiologists who are available round-the-clock. The hospital also boasts specialized pediatricians with expertise in neonatal care. Moreover, Bumrungrad offers a comprehensive range of delivery services, including counseling and assistance with birth certificate issuance.

Access to the Highest Quality Baby Delivery Services Bumrungrad International Hospital and Bangkok Hospital provide top-notch delivery rooms and special privileges for newborns. The hospitals offer a variety of delivery room options that are meticulously designed to provide families with the privacy and comfort necessary for a smooth and secure birthing experience. Their rooms feature private birthing beds and bathrooms equipped with temperature control systems.

The Event of Birth Complications or Emergencies

Receiving treatment from the top experts in the world greatly reduces the chance of complications during delivery that could be fatal for the mother or her unborn child. Fortunately, Thai private hospitals have no shortage of medical talents who can provide prompt and urgent care for you and your baby at a moment’s notice.

The Cost of Private Maternity Care in Thailand

Maternity care can be highly expensive in Thailand. The costs of maternity care and delivery services can vary significantly among popular private hospitals in Thailand, with a range of childbirth delivery packages available. Prices can start as low as THB ฿99,000 (~USD $2,815) and go up to as high as THB ฿325,000 (~USD $9,240).

Your Insurance Coverage 

Prior to seeking private maternity care, we recommend that you carefully review whether or not their health insurance policy covers maternity care coverage. Some insurance plans may have specific coverage limitations and require you to purchase additional coverage for maternity care.

Having maternity insurance will cover all costs associated with childbirth, especially while living in Thailand. Plus, you will not have to worry about long wait times for appointments or services because you will have better access to the greatest doctors and the best private hospitals. 

Prepare Ahead of Time with Maternity Insurance

International maternity insurance provides coverage for all basic prenatal and childbirth services in Thailand and additional services such as treatment for pregnancy and childbirth complications, epidurals, or congenital conditions.

With maternity insurance, expats can relax knowing that their every need for maternity care will be taken care of. They will have access to top-notch private hospitals and doctors and will be financially protected in case any unforeseen complications or costs arise. 

Here to Guide Your Expatriate Journey

No matter your situation or the frequency of your travels, there is an insurance plan in Thailand that will meet your needs, whether you are a family member, an individual, a retiree, an expat, or the owner of a business

Pacific Prime Thailand is ready to help you assess your needs by providing valuable advice and recommendations on which plans to choose, carefully considering your unique requirements and budgetary constraints. Because our success is predicated on your satisfaction, you can be sure to rely on us to support you throughout your insurance journey.

Contact Pacific Prime Thailand for impartial insurance advice and a free quote today!

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