Member News

December 8, 2020

GRC (Thailand) have joined the GRC Association and recognized as a Full Manufacturing member of the association

GRC (Thailand) Co Ltd (GRCT) experience in both architectural and non-architectural GRC products provides a comprehensive solution to every project need with custom GRC matrix. GRCT continuous R&D on surface finish, backing coat design, moisture protection, and complex moulds development allow us to bring forth more options to reach your design concept. Their knowledge in natural concrete finishes: smooth, matte, expose aggregates, pigmented concrete, acid and non-acid stain concrete, self-cleaning, and nano moisture protection give you endless choices of finishes. Advance insulation system for hot and cold climate cladding and wall panels saves you energy cost. GRC Thailand used their GRC products for roofing, cladding, wall panels, cornices, columns, parapet, lost formwork, sculpture, furniture, table & countertop, garden products, ponds, fountain, aquaculture, railing, and other decorative products. For quality products and service, prompt delivery & experience, GRCT is here to assist. 

We have also just completed latest project: SunCity in Hoi An, Vietnam supplying 20,000sq.m of GRC moulding and cladding to 5 hotels.

GRC (Thailand) will continually expand in the knowledge, quality and competitiveness of our products and service to ensure the expansion of GRC use in the industry with innovation and confident.