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January 12, 2023

Help Deliver X Pacific Prime Thailand – Announces Partnership on Home Healthcare Service and Market Expansion


📢 Pacific Prime Thailand is delighted to announce our new partnership with HelpDeliver, a digitally connected task-based home healthcare service and market expansion partner for Telehealth, Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Device Distributors, and Insurers.

➡️ They provide premium Home Healthcare and Employee Health-Wellness Services for Diabetes Management (GLUNOVO Continuous Glucose Monitoring-CGM), RESMED Sleep Apnea Testing-Medicine solutions, and practical health services such as Maternity Care/Support, Influenza-Cervical Cancer Vaccinations, and Covid Care. 😌

🤝 Our end-to-end business partnership delivers premium, convenient, and affordable healthcare solutions to our customers, whether in the home or workplace. 😁

➕ For further details and offerings, visit our Clinic Site:, or contact us via our available channels: 📧📞

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