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February 9, 2022

King’s College International School Bangkok – 2021 CSR Activities

“WeCare & WeShare blood donation – the small things that make a big difference”

On Friday 28th January, King’s College International School Bangkok was honoured to welcome 170 blood donors to our campus and have 122 units (approximately 42,700 – 54,900 cc) donated to the Thai Red Cross. With their support, we managed to have a truly meaningful day. As Thailand continues to face a shortage of donors, we recognise the great importance of donating blood, as it can help save countless lives. We were delighted to learn that there were many kind hearts, regardless of profession or wealth, who were able to join us and the Thai Red Cross last week.For those who would have liked to attend but could not make it, there are opportunities to donate blood across Thailand. We should all be generous to those in need in our society and give back where possible.

“Those in need are those we always need”

In January 2022, King’s College International School Bangkok donated 200,000 Baht to the Chulabhorn Royal Academy in support of the Bhadra Maharajanusorn Foundation, with Air Vice-Marshal Dr. Santi Srisermphoak, Deputy Secretary of Chulabhorn Royal Academy, as an assignee. King’s Bangkok would like to thank the Chulabhorn Royal Academy for providing vaccines and medical assistance to Thai society during the COVID-19 pandemic and beforehand. We sincerely hope that our small contributions, when combined with those of other donors, will enable and encourage Chulabhorn Royal Academy to take further steps for the good health of Thai people