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August 21, 2023

Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit – Maison Mizuki: A Fusion of Whisky, Cocktails, Sushi, and Culture Unveiled

Bangkok, Thailand – A new chapter in culinary indulgence is set to unfold as Maison Mizuki welcomes you to an extraordinary haven of taste and culture. Opening its doors on August 18, 2023, Maison Mizuki is poised to redefine Bangkok’s gastronomic landscape. Nestled on the lobby level within the elegant confines of Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit, this unique establishment presents an exquisite fusion of whiskey, cocktails, and sushi, inviting guests to embark on an unparalleled sensory voyage.

Maison Mizuki transports you into the captivating world of whiskey, cocktails, and sushi, artfully curated to mirror the diverse experiences and journeys of Mizuki herself. With a menu that reflects her global adventures, patrons are offered the opportunity to explore an extensive collection of over 100 whiskey labels sourced from around the world, expertly curated under the guidance of Mizuki’s esteemed “Whiskey Bible.”

What sets Maison Mizuki apart is the imaginative and creative prowess of Mizuki’s cocktail craft. Indulge in an array of six signature cocktails, each a masterpiece mirroring Mizuki’s boundless love, unwavering passion, and audacious spirit. These cocktails elevate Maison Mizuki into a premier cocktail haven, with each sip unveiling tantalizing flavors and narratives woven into every creation. Among these delights is “Sayuri” a coconut and Sayuri Nigori sake-based concoction that pays homage to Mizuki’s Thai adventure, offering a harmonious blend of creaminess with a touch of sweet and sour.

Beyond whisky and cocktails, Maison Mizuki stands as a revered Japanese sushi destination in Sukhumvit, boasting exquisite creations. Crafted from the freshest imported fish, signature dishes like the Salmon Lava Roll, Usuzukuri (Red Seabream with Ponzu Sauce), and Negitoro Maki echo Mizuki’s hometown essence within Bangkok. This seamless fusion of cultures engenders an unmatched dining atmosphere.
More than a mere culinary destination, Maison Mizuki beckons patrons to an oasis of respite—a place where the symphony of whiskey, cocktails, and sushi crafts a true sanctuary. Whether seeking an unforgettable gathering spot or an unparalleled sushi experience in the heart of Bangkok, Maison Mizuki is your gateway to an extraordinary culinary voyage.

About Mizuki
Mizuki is a fictional character who embodies the essence of the bar. She is a Japanese lady raised by her uncle who was a whiskey connoisseur. Mizuki embraced her uncle’s passion for whiskey and journeyed across Scotland, Ireland, and beyond, learning about the art of whiskey. Settling in Paris, she merged her love for French culture with her Japanese heritage. “Maison,” meaning “house” in French, reflects her Parisian connection, signifying a warm, inclusive ambiance of the bar where people unite to enjoy the finest whiskeys from around the world.

For reservations and inquiries, please contact:
Maison Mizuki at Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit
Phone: 02-1269999
Email: [email protected]

Stay connected with us on social media:
Instagram: @maisonmizukibkk

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