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October 14, 2020

MBMG Group Multi-Family Office wins prestigious global award 2020

MBMG Group Multi-Family Office, a division of MBMG Investment Advisory, was ‘Highly Commended’ in the ‘Best Family Office’ category at the International Investment Awards 2020, headed only by UK-based, Wimmer Family Office.

The accolade was announced at the 21st annual awards ceremony of International Investment, a leading investment industry publication, which for the first time were held online instead of at the usual annual gala dinner.

James Fraser of MBMG Family Office said: “We are delighted that the exceptional quality of our team has been recognised once again and that despite the huge growth in the family office sector and throughout Asia, this helps confirm our capabilities as a leading provider in Asia’s professional advisory space.”

MBMG Group Founding Partner Paul Gambles added “The opening line of Tolstoy’s classic novel states that ‘Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way’ – the spirit of this has been adopted as a principle in such diverse fields as system dynamics and ecology. At MBMG Family Office, we take the view that while successful families can succeed to a certain extent in an almost infinite number of ways, the sustainable successful development of each family’s resources is a unique and highly personal matter. This is our guiding, Anna Karenina principle.”

What is a Family Office?

Important needs that a family office might require can include:
• Co-ordinating family strategy.
• Providing legal structuring advice and implementation.
• Tax planning and compliance.
• Estate, succession, legacy and inheritance planning.
• Philanthropic, social and community involvement.
• Consolidated valuations, risk evaluation and management suitable protection across the family’s assets.

A family’s values and vision, even more than the sum of its accumulated wealth, define its legacy. A family office aims to integrate these values into all aspects of a family’s planning and arrangements, helping to express that vision through a cohesive impact that survives through the generations.

MBMG Family Office specializes in what might be regarded as smaller family offices, with cash flows, businesses and investments at generally lower levels than might be the province of the family office. We take the view that it is best to have a structure and a vision as early in the process as possible and then to develop and refine this over time.