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July 1, 2021

The Australian Tertiary Admissions Exams Now Available In Thailand

St Mark’s International School has signed an Agreement with the Western Australian Government’s Education Authority to launch a new university admissions program in Thailand.

St Mark’s International School in Bangkok has become the first school in Thailand to offer a 16-month university admissions program by partnering with the Schools Curriculum and Standards Authority of Western Australia, providing Thai students with the same pathway to higher education as their Australian cohorts.

In a statement, the Australian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Thailand, His Excellency Allan McKinnon said, “Thailand and Australia have been important partners in trade, investment, and now education.

So it’s great news that from 2021, the Australian High School Curriculum has become available in Thailand.”

The International education system in Thailand has evolved rapidly over recent years. Different curriculum’s have emerged to deliver a variety of learning experiences. Many international schools in Thailand offer blended curriculum’s and certificates from non-Government organisations.

Rigorous academic approach at St Mark’s International School

St Mark’s, however is the first occurrence in Thailand of a school partnering with an international Government’s statutory authority to deliver its high school matriculation program.

St Mark’s International has also grown over the past two decades, winning numerous awards in mathematics and science. The school’s results are impressive. An average of 31% of students receive an outstanding A*, and another 48% achieve an A.

A spokesman for the school, John Ruangmethanon, said St. Marks International provides parents looking for a rigorous academic approach balanced with a holistic, and caring Christian ethos a place for their children.

Partnering with the Western Australian Education Authority at this time is in line with our goal of providing the best opportunity to access Higher Education for our students, he said. The 16- month Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT) is effectively a university entrance program.

St Mark’s will host the Australian Tertiary Admissions Exams. It means our students can secure placements to Australia’s most prestigious universities without further application. It’s the most direct path to higher education in Australia. As the Australian system is accepted worldwide, we think it gives parents in Thailand an excellent option for their children, he said.

For further information about St Mark’s International School and how to participate in the Australian Matriculation program, visit: