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October 30, 2018
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Professional Development is Now Online

By Rob Kawada, Managing Director, English Gang Thailand

If you love your job, professional development is awesome. If you hate your job, well, there isn’t much that will make you change your mind about that! The cool thing about professional development as we enter into 2019, is that a lot of it can be done online now. To someone that is not in the tech industry, this may sound like taking tests online or learning more about your industry by watching YouTube videos. To those that are in the industry, we know that there is a lot more to it than meets the human eye.

E-learning in Thailand

Employers can have their current trainings transformed into apps, online games, and even create competitions between employees for who studies the most, scores the highest, etc. Inherent in this is the ability to track individual employee progress within the training program, which can help to spot areas to commend and areas which need focus. These training sessions can be done on a smart phone during quick 5-10 minute breaks during or after work, and they don’t require the employee to take significant chunks of time away from their work. Moreover, companies like Fun Box in Thailand customize these programs directly from the training materials that you already have in your organization.

Distance Training

A wide array of trainings are available online from providers across the world. We are no longer limited by geographic barriers which used to require us to fly in experts from around the world. Distance learning and distance training has taken over the industry because of its ease of use, convenience, and cost savings that online trainings and seminars provide. Allowing your staff to get real time answers and feedback from experts is much more beneficial than having them watch watch videos and answer questions. They will enjoy it and will end up getting much more out of the training that way.

Augmented Reality

We’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg here, but AI is bringing professional development to a completely new level. Surgeons can practice surgery in a simulated operation room, engineers can test new ideas without having to spend money on models, and interior designers can design and show 3D work spaces without lifting a desk. Every field can benefit from this in ways that will not only teach your staff through proper training, but it will also bring to life/create exciting ideas and possibilities for them.

If your company’s training is still stuck in 2004, let’s get moving into the future today. Start by googling your industry and adding in terms like “online training” or “augmented reality.” You’ll be surprised what you come up with. The best part is that you can implement a lot of this without a ton of investment, and the rewards will keep your business going in the right direction for years to come.

Rob Kawada, Managing Director, English Gang Thailand
Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Rob moved to Thailand in 2004 to work with the Thai government on education and finance projects. He has since worked in many different arenas within Thai education from corporate training projects to business development for international schools in Bangkok. He is now Managing Director of English Gang, which provides online English training for Thai corporations and young students. Though education is his main passion, he is also very into fitness, playing the cello, and family life.

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