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Health Gift for Mum: Early cancer detection screening

Early cancer detection can significantly increase the success chance in cancer treatment.

Wouldn’t you like to know if the body is cancer-free before you or your loved ones find the tumor?

Only a few people know that there is a simple blood test that can determine with 97% accuracy the existence of cancerous cells floating in our blood system before it progresses into a critical stage.

Miskawaan offers early cancer screening with EDIM technology.

  • EDIM Test covers more than 50 tumor types and cancers.
  • It provides 97.5% sensitivity and 99.5% specificity to cancer cells & the immune system.
  • It can test even a very small tumor or the existence of cancerous cells even before a tumor is formed.
  • Receive the result within 2 weeks

Special price: 4,600 THB (from 9,800 THB)

Limited to only the first 50 cases (purchase and test within August 31st, 2021)

This promotion cannot be extended in any case.

The client’s health should be in normal condition at the time of testing.

If you are healing from wounds, inflammation, using any medication, or having any medical condition, please consult our doctor before purchasing this package.

To make an appointment, please contact Miskawaan Health Group (Bangkok, Gaysorn Tower 11fl)

Call: +66(0) 2 086 8888