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Miskawaan Immune Repair Package: Enhancing and Repairing your Immunity

At Miskawaan, we have recognized that the world’s best medical professionals and scientists are of the view that the current global viral infections sweeping the planet will often leave lasting negative effects on human health, long after the initial treatments. It can also damage vital organs (e.g. lungs, heart, brain, kidney, etc.). The key competency to battle such illnesses is a robust immune system.

If you have symptoms such as chronic fatigue, shortness of breath, chest or other unusual pain, or extant dizziness, consult our doctor TODAY for MHG’s proprietary treatments that work to help you enhance and repairing your immune system.

Packages include:

  • Physical Examination & full Doctor consultation
  • Immune support proprietary Infusions
  • Lifestyle modification consultation


  • 1 Time THB 23,000
  • 3 Times THB 60,000

*Special complimentary “Immune Supplement Set” for the first 10 customers to purchase 3 times Immune Repair value 60,000 THB
*Terms and conditions as designated by the company

To make an appointment, please contact Miskawaan Health Group (Bangkok, Gaysorn Tower 11fl)
Call: +66(0) 2 086 8888