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Post Covid Wellness Solution Programs

What is Post Covid ?

It’s the residual symptoms of those who have recovered from Covid, but with symptoms that still continue for another 4-12 weeks. This’s called “Long Covid” or “Post Covid Syndrome”.

Common Post Covid Symptoms

Fatigue, cough, headache, physical aches, loss of smell, loss of taste, sore throat, shortness of breath, fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain

Post Covid Wellness Solution

  • RAKxa Long COVID Program the first integrative recovery therapy in Asia at the RAKxa Fully Integrative Wellness & Medical Retreat
  • VSELs a cell therapy program that focuses on recovering cells throughout the body, especially the cells of the brain, heart and lungs
  • IV Treatment using a specially formulated vitamin drip providing holistic care for Post COVID
  • Ozone Therapy by introducing pure ozone to the body for recovering cells and organs throughout the body  
  • Weber Laser Therapy an intravenous laser therapy promoting energy at the cellular level, supporting the immune system and relieving stress
  • Post COVID Supplement specially formulated vitamins supporting the immune system for those who have Post COVID syndrome
  • Acupuncture inserting needles into the body for chronic headache relief  
  • Balancing Massage for homeostasis and physical ache relief

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