Company: DSG established in 2014, is a leading Asian and African International payments company, making thousands of payments for our personal and corporate customers every day into Asia and Africa. A fast growing FINTECH company, developing all our own software, with 20+ employees based in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

2019 – selected by Bank of Thailand as one of Thailand’s Top 8 FINTECH companies.

Experience: 30+ years of international banking experience in large global banks in London, Sydney  and Singapore focused on Financial Markets and Technology and now 6 years of FINTECH startup experience in Thailand and Asia.

Austcham Chamber Experience: Headed Austcham Technology Subcommittee for 3 years. Ran various Technology events.

I am interested in nominating for a Austcham Director position and can contribute the following:

Based in Chiang mai, I can help Austcham establish a strong presence in Thailand second largest city and Northern Thailand.

Deep Technical and Startup experience to the chamber and help build on the Technical subcommittee initiatives we ran over the last few years.