My commitment to the Australian Chamber in the Eastern Seaboard has been marked by dedication to supporting of events, charities, and businesses associated with the Chamber. As a proud member, I have actively participated in and contributed to numerous initiatives, fostering a sense of community and collaboration. Through the Chamber’s events, I’ve had the privilege of engaging with like-minded professionals, entrepreneurs, and community leaders, creating valuable networks and partnerships. Looking ahead, I am excited about the continued journey of making meaningful contributions to the Chamber and the Eastern Seaboard community.

I am passionate about contributing to the success and growth of AustCham as a potential Director for the Eastern Seaboard. With a deep understanding of the regional business landscape and relationship and strong connections within the Australian business community, I believe that I will be able to bring valuable insights and strategic thinking to the Chamber incorporating the key foundations of the Eastern Seaboard.
My background in Hospitality and Tourism equips me with the knowledge and experience needed to navigate the challenges and opportunities specific to the region. I am dedicated to promoting collaboration and innovation within the business community, aiming to enhance AustCham of meaningful connections and valuable partnerships.
As an AustCham Director, I envision leveraging my skills in leadership, communication and partnerships to contribute to the Chamber’s initiatives and directions. Whether it’s promoting and advocating for business-friendly policies, or fostering networking opportunities I am confident that my passion for the region, coupled with my professional expertise, will continue to enhance the Chamber’s ability to serve its members. I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with fellow Directors and stakeholders to drive AustCham’s mission forward and ensure its continued success as a leading force in promoting Australian business interests on the Eastern Seaboard.