“We are Safety Kids!” by Linfox

AustCham Thailand is proud to provide the platform for Linfox to launch “We are Safety Kids!”Linfox is committed to educating kids in our communities about road safety. Linfox’s own CSR program is dedicated to achieving this across Asia, with the aim to reduce road traffic incidents and improve safety awareness.Linfox has produced the following road […]

Why CSR should no longer be optional, but a necessity for all organizations

As a business, we are all responsible for making a financial profit. But is financial profit the only factor that businesses should care about? This short article will explore the ever-evolving business landscape, why Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of all businesses, and give tips and pointers to designing your organization’s CSR […]

CSR from a Thailand based SME perspective

By Dale Lee, Co-Founder & Managing Director at CoffeeWORKS Limited Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), sustainable business practices, business ethics, and similar terminology are now well familiar to most people, including companies operating in Thailand.  Those of us in business recognize the continuing importance customers and communities place on the way companies and brands operate in […]