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By Darren Beech, Wealth Planner Expat Financial Planning (Globaleye)  The Offshore Financial Industry Backdrop The offshore market has been saturated with investment and savings plans from companies  based in the Isle of Man. 2019 promised to be a better year for consumers, with the Isle of Man regulator bringing in legislation that forces advisers to disclose […]

Is Thailand’s manufacturing sector vulnerable to a potential slowdown in China?

By Joseph Oliver Willan, Business Development Specialist Baker McKenzie Thailand Thailand has, for the most of its history been a Sinophilic country and enjoyed friendly and productive relations on many levels with China as a major trading partner in the region. However, most recently, Thailand has found itself caught in an escalating power struggle between […]

Greater Mekong Outlook H1 2019 : FDI in the CLMV economies

Source: ANZ Reserch Foreign direct investment in the CLMV economies Over the past few years, the economies of Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam (CLMV) have been beneficiaries of diversification, and in some cases relocation of production bases out of China. The ongoing reorganisation in regional production networks is set to accelerate due to the US-China […]