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May 8, 2020

Tax update: COVID – 19 – Tax concessions

“In an environment where diverse solutions are required, Fulcrum provides clients with a fresh approach to professional services”

In response to the Covid 19 crisis the Revenue Department have announced a number of concessions to the individual and corporate tax regulations. This memo seeks to highlight the announcements as at 30 March 2020, however, we note that these are still subject to Royal Gazette and updates are being issued by the Revenue Department on a continuous basis.



Noel Ashpole, Matthew Cutt and Peter Sheville, Fulcrum Thailand
Fulcrum Thailand is an independent venture created by seasoned professionals to provide the full suite of professional services that are tailored to our clients needs. Partner led services include Audit and Assurance, Taxation, Business Services & Outsourcing and Advisory. The leadership team brings together a wealth of local and international knowledge aimed at helping companies do business with ease in Thailand. Our clients can be confident that we are here to help manage their business needs and optimize outcomes allowing them time to focus on your business. Fulcrum has a vision to be immersed as part of the Thai community, people and culture whilst being globally connected; a home for our people where they can grow and achieve their full potential; a partner with our clients where through our relationships and skills we become part of their success. Our people are known in the market for exceptional client care harnessing the power of our people, our networks and technology to draw out the collective intelligence that will contribute to innovation through an environment where people are empowered to ask why, create and contribute.