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February 17, 2023
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What is Sustainability Marketing?

Business sustainability has positive implications not only for society and the environment, but also the bottom line. Studies show that companies with well-defined sustainability policies are seen as more attractive to investors, employees, and potential customers alike. In 2021, McKinsey reported that companies can reduce operational costs by as much as 60% through ESG investments. Another report by KPMG showed that 80% of worldwide companies now provide their investors with reports on sustainability practices. 

Sustainability policies also help businesses attract talent. A report by Deloitte shows that nearly 50% of employees decide where to work based on companies’ ethical policies. Petrochemical companies also benefit from evidence-based and sustainable business practices, seeing up to 20% increased valuation in premiums, according to a report by Boston Consulting Group. 

Still, performance alone won’t convince public opinion. It is essential to communicate your commitments to your stakeholders, so as to ensure that they understand your approach. This means incorporating sustainability into every facet of your marketing strategy.

This type of messaging can be done through the medium of storytelling. Your company policies and procedures can be shown in the form of short animations, informative infographics, videos, and much more. Our video production agency in Bangkok can get you started. 

The key to winning over your audience is through compelling and sincere storytelling. 

Here are 3 tips to consider before getting started with sustainability marketing. 

Tip 1 – Facts and Proof

Avoid exaggerating your environmental impact with empty claims or unofficial “green” or “sustainable” logos. 

Fact misrepresentation does a disservice to you and your audience. Given today’s incredibly easy access to data and online forums, customers, legal regulators, and other critical stakeholders can quickly expose false greenwashing claims, resulting in long-lasting reputational damage. 

To ensure fact-based communication, you will need the help of sustainability professionals to translate the reality of your environmental and social impact into a factual narrative. 

Tip 2 – Focus on Core Impact

For major producers, focusing on the most relevant issues for your business means reporting on efforts to lower environmental impacts connected to your core production activities — particularly waste, water, and carbon emission management. On the other hand, if you are a service provider with a significantly large workforce, it makes sense to focus on inclusivity and equal opportunities for your employees, rather than highlighting your recycling processes. 

Tip 3 – Don’t Wait for Perfection

Sustainability transformation isn’t an instantaneous process. It’s a challenging and long-term journey. 

Claiming that you have everything figured out can be risky. Instead, communicate your challenges and track your progress along the way. Doing so will make you relatable to broader audiences and also position yourself as an authentic business. Define your end-goals, outline your strategies, and gradually implement them to achieve success. It is fine to champion your achievements, but do remember that acknowledging your shortcomings is a sign of strength rather than weakness. 

If you feel ready to embrace sustainability marketing, and need guidance on how to tap into the hottest marketing trend of 2023, reach out to Lexicon. 

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