Professional Development is Now Online

By Rob Kawada, Managing Director, English Gang Thailand If you love your job, professional development is awesome. If you hate your job, well, there isn’t much that will make you change your mind about that! The cool thing about professional development as we enter into 2019, is that a lot of it can be done online now. […]

AI will enhance the human workforce – not replace it

By Ratna Wright , Director at Grant Thornton Thailand Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a concept that remains much discussed but poorly understood. There are popular speakers who preach its potential, predicting that we will soon live in an automated world where human work is no longer necessary. Others worry about the disproportionate power that general artificial intelligence will bring […]

AI and Healthcare: A Progress Report on Watson for Oncology

By Udo Kim, Senior Manager, Expatriate Market Segment at International Bumrungrad International Hospital Seven years ago, an artificial intelligence (AI) computer system built by IBM and nicknamed Watson pulled off a stunning victory over a team of human champions on the television quiz show Jeopardy! Just over two years ago, Bumrungrad became the first hospital in the […]

AI is Coming to the World of Recruitment: Should We be Worried?

By Ratna Wright, Director, Grant Thornton As artificial intelligence grows in capability, people in all industries have begun to look on with some measure of concern. What if I lose my job to a robot? Such ideas have been spoken about since the early days of assembly lines in automobile factories a century ago. Despite fears, […]