Thailand’s New Transfer Pricing Law: Implications for Businesses in Thailand

By Melea Cruz, Partner and Ishan Shah, Manager Grant Thornton  In an ever-increasing integrated global economy, businesses have been establishing their footprints in various locations across the continents.  These so-called “multi-national corporations” or “MNCs” have sophisticated supply chains and business platforms comprising of dozens, if not, hundreds of entities, all of which are directly or […]

Creating a pipeline for skills for Thailand

By Nigel Carpenter, CEO of Sustainable Skills Economic, social, political and technological forces are changing the shape and structure of workforces around the world. Traditional norms and roles are being challenged, pressuring organisations to adapt and diversify. There has never been a more critical time to put adaptive and responsive workforce planning strategies into place. Industry […]

Education and Leadership Development

By Jake Varley, Elementary Principal at Berkeley International School As educational leaders, we face great challenges. Sir Ken Robinson observes that ‘the more complex the world becomes, the more creative we need to be to meet its challenges’. For this reason, it is critical to instead look at these challenges as opportunities. Educators today stand before students with […]

85 years the legacy of Blackmores: HR Strategy

By Blackmores Thailand Blackmores has been an industry leader in Australia for over 85 years with the vision and passion of one man – Maurice Blackmore(1906-1977), who had ideas about health way ahead of his time. Blackmores has been and industry leader in Australia since 1930. Maurice Blackmore’s belief in the health-giving properties of herbs […]