The Ultimate Guide to Livestream for Business

Looking at Livestreaming for your business? Livestreaming is become one of the fast- growing digital marketing methods that help business build brand awareness and trust with its audience. Thailand is one of the markets that is dominating with livestreaming. Funny fact, a lot of the livestreaming features that Facebook have built into their platform have […]

Personalized experience

By  RJ Rojvirasingh, Managing Director at MAD APPE DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD.  It’s 2018 and there’s one aspect that’s growing rapidly in the digital marketing world, catch phrases… Content is King Lower your CPC Improving digital ROI Higher conversion rate Make it viral I’m not saying that these catch phrases are wrong, many companies developing these concepts for […]

A Quick Look at Programmatic Media in 2018

By Tom – Nguyen Truong Tung, Managing Director at Syndacast As many of us may have known, the recent growth of programmatic advertising comes from the fact that it eliminates the obvious drawbacks of placement buying. Marketers no longer need to contact publishers to negotiate prices and get stuck with a placement that doesn’t perform well. Programmatic buying […]

AI will enhance the human workforce – not replace it

By Ratna Wright , Director at Grant Thornton Thailand Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a concept that remains much discussed but poorly understood. There are popular speakers who preach its potential, predicting that we will soon live in an automated world where human work is no longer necessary. Others worry about the disproportionate power that general artificial intelligence will bring […]

How Digital Investments Can Create Strategic Value for Organisations

By Sanjay Sachdev, Partner, Grant Thornton Thailand The reluctance is understandable. Your business has showed good signs of health for years (or decades), in large part because you’ve concentrated on creating value in the field you know best. Within a short span of time, you’ve begun to hear plenty of talk about the need for businesses […]

Digital Disruption: What does it mean for accounting?

By Andrew McBean, CEO, PKF Holdings Thailand. There is a vague feeling of loss each time computers learn to perform a skill better than we can. Experts at the abacus no doubt felt it when calculators made their knowledge obsolete. Interestingly the first calculator, invented in 1645 by a supervisor of taxes in Rouen, was created […]

The Rise of Digital Skills

By RJ Rojvirasingh, Managing Director at MAD APPE DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD.  There are so many things that we’ve gotten used to in the past few decades; for example, ordering food via phone, booking a hotel through a website, getting our groceries from the supermarket, or even simply buying things from a retailer. If you look closely, so […]

Thailand’s Digital Transformation needs collaboration – from all sides

By Rob Hall, Managing Director at Dot 360 At a lunch time meeting of the Joint Chamber of Commerce in Thailand, the Digital Economy and Society Minister Dr. Pichet Durongkaveroj laid out the achievements of the Digital Economy Fund since its inception – and also reached out to local and international partners to help achieve the economic […]