Wellness in Workplace

By Sarah Dalton, the Director of Wellness, MSpa International Ltd (Minor International) Microsoft. Google. Apple. Three of the most recognizable companies in the world with more than just technology in common. Workplace wellness or workplace wellbeing, as it is referred to in the US is quickly becoming topic du jour within many Fortune 500 companies. Happy […]

Thailand 4.0: Developing our Human Resources for a Brighter Future

By  Ms. Jareeporn Jarukornsakul, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Group Chief Executive Officer, WHA Corporation PCL Why the development of human resources is critical for Thailand’s economic growth The government is currently investing in many programs to boost the country’s economy, such as the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), to attract more foreign investment, but we should not ignore […]

85 years the legacy of Blackmores: HR Strategy

By Blackmores Thailand Blackmores has been an industry leader in Australia for over 85 years with the vision and passion of one man – Maurice Blackmore(1906-1977), who had ideas about health way ahead of his time. Blackmores has been and industry leader in Australia since 1930. Maurice Blackmore’s belief in the health-giving properties of herbs […]

Employee health care costs, the fastest increasing cost to business?

By  Andrew Crawford, Employee Benefits Director and Grant Cameron, Chief Executive at Trafalgar International Ltd Insurance Brokers and Consultants Spiraling health insurance costs show no sign of slowing down.  From 2012 nearly all of the leading international health insurers including Aetna, AXA PPP, and BUPA, have increased premium rates by between 5% and 10% each year.  In fact, there […]