The Many Benefits of Learning Outdoors

By Alexander (Coke) Smith, Environmental Systems and Societies Coordinator at Bangkok Patana School The benefits of a student getting outdoors and putting their learning into practice are vast, not only can it cement their knowledge but also inspire and ignite their interest in certain subjects as well as making the curriculum more engaging. In Bangkok Patana […]

Business Strategy in Education

By  Dr. Om Huvanand, Principal, Language Express CO., LTD Education is a service, where the quality of life for all mankind, can forever progress. For hundred years we can witness a transfer of knowledge through education, where people travel to other countries for their education and after come back home to implement the knowledge gained for […]

How to inspire innovation

By David Bell, Managing Partner, Crestcom – Ra-Kahng Associates Ltd.  Innovation is beginning to become a bit of a buzzword these days. You hear managers using it: “if only we could be more innovative!” We hear workers talking about innovation. Students, professors, the other day I even heard politicians talking about how they are so innovative! Do you […]

Raising the bar for education in Thailand

By  Emma Goligher, Head of Marketing, Brighton College International School In the past families living in Thailand who wanted a top-quality education for their children had to make the difficult decision to send their off-spring overseas. Khun Nusara (Assakul) Banyatpiyaphod, Chairman of Ocean Life Insurance and Hands Management Company Limited and Chair of the Board of Governors […]

Dawning of a new league – AISAA

By Lloyd Wilson, Marketing Communications at Berkeley International School Bangkok How Thailand’s New International School Sports League is changing the Game….. June 2017 saw the founding of a new sports league for international schools in Bangkok. The importance of a well-rounded sports education is taken very seriously at Berkeley International School. That’s why we’re delighted to […]

Business Schools for Digital Generations

By Dean Outerson, Project Head of Marketing & Communications, Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration  There’s an old adage that if a 19th century time traveller walked into a 21st century classroom, he would find everything essentially the same – a professor standing in front of students giving a lecture, and students taking notes and asking questions. While every […]

How Third Culture Education Creates Tomorrow’s Leader

By  Sara Berenguer, Assistant Head of Primary, Regents International School Pattaya  The world is shrinking.  Not literally of course – but as the world gets smaller, there is talk of a global village in which people from different cultures work together for common goals.  Yet in many places in the world, people from different cultures are struggling to […]

Educating for the future: Learning from the world’s biggest brands

by  The International School Bangkok (ISB) Elon Musk is rarely out of the news.  Whether it’s making stunning electric cars or huge household batteries, building one of the biggest factories in the world or flying rockets into space, the Tesla CEO is one of the most extraordinary entrepreneurs of our age.  Mike Krieger is the […]

Three Ways the Best Schools Are Changing…And Why It Matters

by Jared Kuruzovich, Director of Communications at NIST International School, NIST International School In 1983 the Reagan administration in the United States published A Nation at Risk, a report that painted a dire picture of the American public education system, portraying it as outdated and failing students. Spurred by the claims of irrelevance, a demand for change swept […]