The Moment Of Truth in Our Time of Need

The fall – out from the Corona Virus crisis is likely to have far reaching implications for employers.  Companies with established full blown Work At Home practices have been quick off the mark these past few weeks to let the world know how prepared they were/are. “We’ve had Work At Home in place for x […]


By Isabel Valle, Peak Performance Strategist and Leadership Coach Dear Friends, We are facing an unprecedented time in our history. The world is navigating through uncharted territory in the midst of this global pandemic which is impacting our health, our businesses and the global economy. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve watched how this […]


In mid-January, Thailand was the second country globally to be impacted by the COVID-19 virus outbreak. Initially, the number of infected individuals developed at a comparatively low rate. However, in recent days, this has accelerated, and the government is actively implementing “social distancing” policies which are impacting our businesses. To assist you with your business […]

Options for Employers in Thailand During the COVID-19 Outbreak

As Thailand, and the world, face the growing COVID-19 crisis, the impact has begun to spread beyond people’s health and into the economy as a whole. While some businesses may be able to move to remote working practices to minimize economic distress, others may require a physical presence that becomes difficult or impossible to maintain, […]

The Impact of COVID-19 and Other Extraordinary Events on Contractual Performance

The dawn of the new decade brought with it familiar expectations of prosperity in global and regional commerce. This expectation has resonated throughout the ASEAN region and Thailand in particular, an historical favorite in the region for tourism and business investment. By the close of 2019 tourism numbers were at historic highs and investment in […]

Supporting Learners at Home: Helpful Tips for Parents

We understand the sudden transition to Virtual School comes with any number of challenges. Ensuring support and resources for your child’s home learning are integrated into your normal home environment is the first step in ensuring a smooth transition.To ease this transition we have listed some tips below that include advice on caring for yourself during […]

COVID-19 Prevention Measures under Thailand’s Personal Data Protection Act

Measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 are being implemented in Thailand just as the country approaches the implementation of its landmark new Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), which will come into effect in May 2020. This adds another layer of complexity to the COVID-19 issue, as employers find that they need to consider new […]

Prepare for the Recovery Stage

Cabin crew, prepare for landing! No matter where we land, we must be ready for an impact. And this is yet another article about Covid-19 for when it’s over. I have asked Giovanni Angelini to help contribute to this article in the hope that together we will be ready to take back our city. “A […]