Reports: The impact of working remote

Are you one of them? One of the thousands or millions of employees across the world who have been working remote, from home, for weeks and months during the Coronavirus pandemic? But what is the impact of working from remote? How does working remote affect your colleagues and employees? Everyone is stressed right now; some […]

The Digital Education Space in the Workplace

By Rob Kawada, Managing Director, English Gang Bangkok is a very interesting place. You have a mix of new and old, forward thinking and conservative. Technology and education are no different in the sense that many companies are embracing new technologies while the education and training their employees receive are relatively old fashioned. When you look at […]

Wellness in Workplace

By Sarah Dalton, the Director of Wellness, MSpa International Ltd (Minor International) Microsoft. Google. Apple. Three of the most recognizable companies in the world with more than just technology in common. Workplace wellness or workplace wellbeing, as it is referred to in the US is quickly becoming topic du jour within many Fortune 500 companies. Happy […]

The Middle Way: Australian leadership in Thailand

By Dr. Scott Berry,  Executive & Technical Coach,  Scott Berry Consulting Group Did you watch the recent dash-cam/smartphone footage of the British-Australian George Collins and the Thai man, Mr Sumeth Lungrathanaphan, in Pattaya last month? If you did, you know that Mr Collins chased Mr Sumeth with a knife because of a perceived driving infraction. Collins then drove […]