ASEAN Investment Report 2018

The ASEAN Investment Report 2018 was prepared under a technical cooperation agreement between the ASEAN Secretariat and the UNCTAD Division on Investment and Enterprise (DIAE) >> READ FULL REPORT HERE<<

How Digital Investments Can Create Strategic Value for Organisations

By Sanjay Sachdev, Partner, Grant Thornton Thailand The reluctance is understandable. Your business has showed good signs of health for years (or decades), in large part because you’ve concentrated on creating value in the field you know best. Within a short span of time, you’ve begun to hear plenty of talk about the need for businesses […]

Digital Disruption: What does it mean for accounting?

By Andrew McBean, CEO, PKF Holdings Thailand. There is a vague feeling of loss each time computers learn to perform a skill better than we can. Experts at the abacus no doubt felt it when calculators made their knowledge obsolete. Interestingly the first calculator, invented in 1645 by a supervisor of taxes in Rouen, was created […]

Addressing environmental and social issues for long-term business success in ASEAN

By Michael Waters, International Water and Environmental Consultant ASEAN is one of the most environmentally diverse regions on Earth with an astonishing level of biodiversity on land and in the seas. Corresponding to biodiversity, the 10 member countries of ASEAN exhibit a rich social diversity with countless languages, music, art, architecture, histories and traditions, many of […]

Learning how to do inter-ASEAN business.

By  Jim Holloway, International Advisor, V. Pack & Move (Bangkok) Co., Ltd. Since 1997, V. Pack & Move (Bangkok) Co., Ltd. has expanded its network of associates to cover all the countries in ASEAN In each case we were approached by clients in Thailand, or other countries, to find associates within specific ASEAN countries to facilitate […]

Outlook for Phuket 2018

By Harry Usher, the AustCham Thailand coordinator for Phuket and a Director of Lady Pie Phuket Phuket continues to grow economically as a cosmopolitan centre for residents (both foreign and Thai), business, and tourists. Several new hotels have been built to cater for the increased tourist demand and many of the more unsightly parts of Patong, […]

Business Schools for Digital Generations

By Dean Outerson, Project Head of Marketing & Communications, Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration  There’s an old adage that if a 19th century time traveller walked into a 21st century classroom, he would find everything essentially the same – a professor standing in front of students giving a lecture, and students taking notes and asking questions. While every […]

Educating for the future: Learning from the world’s biggest brands

by  The International School Bangkok (ISB) Elon Musk is rarely out of the news.  Whether it’s making stunning electric cars or huge household batteries, building one of the biggest factories in the world or flying rockets into space, the Tesla CEO is one of the most extraordinary entrepreneurs of our age.  Mike Krieger is the […]

The Australia ASEAN Emerging Leaders Program (A2ELP) is now open

Source: Australia in Thailand  The Australia ASEAN Emerging Leaders Program (A2ELP) is now open for applications. The three-month leadership program provides an opportunity to build a range of modern business skills and professional networks. Applications close 13 October 2017. Find out more about the 2018 Australia-Asia Emerging Leaders Program and apply online, visit: